In Australia, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which offers assistance and services to people with disabilities, has been a revolutionary program. Among the medical professionals committed to improving the lives of NDIS members, The Foot & Ankle Clinic of Australia is a shining example of comprehensive caring treatment. With several locations in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and New South Wales (NSW), the clinic has established itself as a trusted partner for people looking for professional foot and ankle care under the NDIS.

NDIS Support

NDIS-Centric Services

The Foot & Ankle Clinic of Australia has established itself as a pioneer in providing professional care to NDIS members. Recognising the distinct obstacles encountered by people with challenges, the clinic has created customised treatment programs that respond to the various requirements of its patients. With the ability to treat patients holistically, the clinic’s team of experienced podiatrists can handle anything from foot-related disorders to mobility problems.

Innovative FACA Products:

As part of its commitment to holistic care, The Foot & Ankle Clinic of Australia introduces a range of professional products designed to complement its treatment plans. The FACA product line includes the Peanut Ball, Realign Arch Ball, TENS Machine, and more.

Peanut Ball: Designed to improve balance and stability, the Peanut Ball is designed to provide support during exercises and activities, making it an excellent addition to the rehabilitation process.

Peanut Ball

Peanut Ball

TENS Machine: For pain management, FACA introduces the TENS Machine – a device that utilises Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation to alleviate pain and improve comfort. This non-invasive approach to pain relief aligns with FACA’s commitment to providing effective and considerate care.

TENS Machine

TENS Machine

Collaborative Approach

The clinic understands that effective care for NDIS members requires collaboration. The Foot & Ankle Clinic makes sure that its podiatric services seamlessly fit into the larger framework of support for people disabled by working closely with other medical professionals and support networks.

Patient-Centred Care

The success of The Foot & Ankle Clinic is mainly because of its continuous commitment to patient-centered care. Participants in the NDIS get individualised treatment plans customised to their specific needs, goals, and challenges. The clinic’s team empowers people to actively participate in their medical treatment and recovery, which creates a kind and encouraging environment.


The Foot & Ankle Clinic of Australia stands as a testament to the positive impact that professionals in care can have on the lives of NDIS participants. With its wide range of services, creative approaches to treatment, and dedication to patient-centered care, the clinic has established itself as a reliable participant on the path to better foot and ankle health for people with disabilities. The Foot & Ankle Clinic continues to be at the forefront of Australia’s continuous growth in supporting people with disabilities and establishing expertise in podiatric care within the NDIS framework.