Returning to Work Safely After a Foot or Ankle Injury

Returning to work after a foot or ankle injury can feel like climbing a mountain, but don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. At the Foot and Ankle Clinic of Australia (FACA), we’re here to be your trusted companion on this journey. We understand each bend and twist in the road and are dedicated to making your recovery journey as smooth as possible.

  1. Get to Know Your Injury

First things first, understanding what’s going on with your foot or ankle is important. Whether it’s a pesky sprain, a tricky fracture, or a stubborn case of plantar fasciitis, each injury has its own unique recovery roadmap. Our experienced podiatrists will decode your injury for you, explaining what’s happening, the treatment choices you’ve got, and how long you might need to bounce back.

  1. Healing with the Right Treatment

Next up, we’ve got to treat that injury right. Our team has a treasure trove of treatment options – think physical therapy, pain management, orthotics, and more, all customized just for you. Depending on your specific injury, you might need some downtime, immobilization, strength-building exercises, pain management tactics, or even surgery.

  1. Craft Your Comeback to Work

When you’re feeling ready to get back to work, we’ll help you sketch a smart return-to-work plan. This will take into account the nature of your job, your current abilities, and maybe some modifications to your work duties or environment. Transparency with your employer is key during this phase, and we’re here to back you up with any necessary medical paperwork.

  1. Keep Future Injuries at Bay

Once you’re back in action, the focus shifts to avoiding any more setbacks. This could mean wearing the right shoes, doing daily foot and ankle exercises, keeping your weight in check, and taking regular work breaks to give your feet some rest. Regular check-ups at FACA will also help us catch and tackle any issues before they become big problems.

We know getting back to work after a foot or ankle injury can be tough, but we’re committed to making it as safe and successful as possible. Remember, your foot and ankle health is an investment, not just an expense. So, whether you’re facing a recent injury or wrestling with a long-standing condition, feel free to give us a shout for help.

We’re here to walk this path with you, helping you step back into work, one foot at a time.