We want to chat about something super important – foot and ankle health. We know that living with a disability or a chronic health condition can be tough. That’s why we at the Foot and Ankle Clinic of Australia (FACA) are all about making life a little easier for all you stars under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

How We Help:

  1. Tailored for You: Each of us is unique, and so are your foot and ankle needs! We make it our mission to understand your specific condition, lifestyle, and goals to develop a care plan that fits you perfectly.
  2. Full Spectrum Care: Need help diagnosing, treating, or managing foot and ankle conditions? We’ve got your back. Dealing with issues like bunions, flat feet, or foot ulcers? Or perhaps need advice on the right footwear or custom orthotics? You can count on us.
  3. Team Approach: We believe in the power of teamwork! We join forces with your other healthcare providers, like your physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and GP. This ensures well-rounded, coordinated care designed just for you.
  4. Your Comfort, Our Priority: We know that access to healthcare can be challenging for many NDIS participants. That’s why we bring flexibility to you, with options like home visits and telehealth consultations.
  5. Knowledge is Power: We’re not just about treatment; we’re about empowering you. We’ll equip you with the knowledge and support you need to manage your symptoms and to navigate the NDIS system. We’re here for you!

Dealing with a disability or chronic health condition doesn’t mean putting life on pause. At FACA, we’re ready to help you embrace a full, active life. If you’re an NDIS participant and your feet and ankles are giving you a tough time, just give us a shout. Together, we can stride towards a more comfortable, mobile, and joyful you!