Every day we are assessing new patients who have chronic foot and lower limb degeneration. This is stopping them from completing their usual tasks and maintaining their health for exercise.

It’s important to understand that movement enables healthy habits as well as regulates your bodily functions in a holistic manner.

Without adequate movement whilst weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing, we are unable to regulate our bodily functions as efficiently.

This can lead to negative habits or “slumps” which keep sucking you away from who you really are.

Thankfully we have implemented a program to uncover the causes of your lower limb issues and be able to treat them from a long-term perspective.

Our aim is to not discourage the exercise of movement you require however encourage healthy habits, treating the cause of each problem, and maintaining function 10 to 15 years from now.

We see too many people that consult for their initial consultations towards their retirement age. Their only request is to make them mobile again as they have been working their whole lives to enjoy this period of life.

Don’t let lower limb issues stop your quality of life. As health is ideal wealth for you to enjoy and prosper throughout each stage of your life. We approach our profession keeping this in mind rather than just short-term success.

Please Email or call us for more information as education around this is imperative to your success.