As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to transform the landscape of disability support in Australia, individuals must access quality care tailored to their unique needs. At The Foot and Ankle Clinic of Australia, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment and support to NDIS participants across multiple locations in NSW and the ACT. Our commitment extends beyond mere treatment; we aim to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives by addressing the root causes of their conditions and fostering long-term functional improvements.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Quality Assurance

At The Foot and Ankle Clinic of Australia, quality assurance isn’t just a buzzword – it’s our guiding principle. We prioritise treating the underlying causes of foot and ankle conditions, rather than merely alleviating symptoms. Through corrective education, we empower individuals with knowledge about their conditions, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health. Our nationwide network of practitioners is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing foot care function, ensuring that NDIS participants receive the highest standard of care.

Building Strong Relationships

We understand that navigating the complexities of the NDIS can be daunting. That’s why we’ve established strong relationships with other NDIS providers, including Support Coordinators, Plan Managers, and Capacity Builders. By collaborating closely with these stakeholders, we streamline the process of accessing NDIS support, ensuring that individuals receive the assistance they’re entitled to. Our partnership with Athletes Foot further enhances our ability to provide comprehensive care, offering tailored solutions for every individual’s needs.

Assistance Offered

At The Foot and Ankle Clinic of Australia, we offer a range of assistance options designed to meet the diverse needs of NDIS participants. Whether it’s equipment packages, support packages, or specialised therapy programs, we’re committed to empowering individuals to live their best lives. Here’s a glimpse of the assistance we provide:

  1. Equipment Packages: From custom footwear and orthotics to exercise equipment, we offer tailored solutions to support mobility and enhance comfort.
  2. Support Packages: Our movement and treatment support packages encompass a range of services aimed at promoting regeneration, pain relief, and overall well-being.
  3. Programs: We offer specialised programs focused on improving balance and stability, helping individuals enhance their mobility and independence.
  4. Treatments: Our comprehensive range of treatments addresses common foot and ankle issues, including nail care, skin conditions, and fungal infections.
  5. Therapy: We utilise advanced therapies such as lower-level laser and shockwave therapy to facilitate healing and promote tissue regeneration.

How We Can Assist You

Navigating the NDIS can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our dedicated team at The Foot and Ankle Clinic of Australia is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re unsure about your eligibility or need assistance accessing support, we’re committed to helping you navigate the process with ease. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll work together to ensure that you receive the support you deserve.


At The Foot and Ankle Clinic of Australia, our mission goes beyond providing treatment – we’re committed to empowering individuals to live their lives to the fullest. Through our comprehensive NDIS support services, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of NDIS participants, helping them achieve their goals and aspirations. If you’re looking for quality care and compassionate support, look no further than The Foot and Ankle Clinic of Australia. Together, we can make a positive impact and build a brighter future for individuals with disabilities across Australia.