Foot And Ankle Specialist

What do our lower limbs and feet help us with? Movement, quality of life and function

A Doppler examines the quality of blood moving through your legs and reviews if there is an interruption of flow all the way from your heart to the most distance part of your bodies, the toes. Without this we are at risk of loss of function, limbs and deterioration.

Here is why a Doppler examination could help you:

1. Prevention of nerve damage and amputation. Overtime simple conditions such as diabetes or vitamin deficiency can’t lead to a nerve damaged condition called neuropathy. This stems for a lack and altered amount of blood flow. The reduction of bloodflow reduces your nerves ability to maintain function. You lose sensation, protective, ability, and sustain inability to heal.

2. Review of any underlying heart conditions. A Doppler examinations reviews wave forms of your heart. It can pick up conditions like an irregular heartbeat, and extremely slow, heartbeat or fast heartbeat. It looks at the regulation of consistency as well as inefficiency to your lower limbs. If your heart is struggling to distribute bloodflow all around your body, your body deteriorates over time without you realising

3. Review if blood clots are forming. A Doppler examines how much bloodflow is moving from your heart to your lower limbs. We also check the bloodflow coming into your feet. If there is an alteration in blood, so we can review if any clots are forming in your arteries. This is a fast and effective way of reducing long-term damage from clots that were never found.

4. Understand if your arteries are being damaged. Arteries are like the plumbing of your cardiovascular system. We can review the quality of the muscular wall in your order is during a Doppler examination. This will identify the health of your whole plumbing system throughout your body. Changes usually occur in your feet first, as this is the most eastern part of your plumbing/artery system.

5. Review your resting heart rate. Your resting heart rate provides vital information regarding strengths, quality and a measurement called stroke volume. This allows us to understand the longevity of your potential cardiovascular system and flag any areas of concern prior to them arising. Resting heart rate can also be a great indication of how stressed the heart is.

6. Prevent ulcers and infection in your feet. many Australians suffer from ulceration and infections in their feet which ultimately lead to amputations. This is a very common occurrence above the age of 70 years. It’s important we review how much bloodflow and the quality of your skin integrity. This will lower your chances of amputation, so you can maintain function on your feet and legs for the rest of your life.

7. Implement longevity for you. Ultimately, if your blood is flowing, you can heal and function for longer periods of time. If your blood is altered, you will feel tired, weak and on stable fairly quickly. If you have any of the symptoms it’s best to review how are you arteries, heart and plumbing work are functioning and what are the underlying causes which may be causing change with your system.

We are here to help, have your doppler examination conducted by your podiatrist today. This is part of your routine care and you have complete no cost coverage for this on ongoing basis to maintain strength and conditioning alongside ability to walk and function for the remainder of your life. This is our job and this is what we love doing.