Ortesi 3D Printed Braces

Orthotics has been a large interventional strategy that we implement for many lower limbs and foot conditions. The Foot and Ankle Clinic podiatrists aim to find the cause of each condition so we can treat each patient long-term.

The role of orthotics is to allow the lower limbs to work in correct biomechanical function so any injuries or discrepancies can begin to rectify as pressure is usually removed from these areas.

It’s important to understand the true cause while walking and standing as it’s often evident weekly treatment that aims to treat the symptoms rather than the cause of each issue can just cause a regression when exerted. The original issue which caused the condition should be treated and this is why we utilize 3D custom orthotics to support joints, tendons, and ligaments.

All orthotics can be placed within footwear and can be customized for even minimalistic footwear such as high heels or office shoes.

It’s important to consult one of our podiatrists if you do have this request so we can use our 3-D scanning systems to adequately create the right device for you.